Recap – PACT Summer School 2016

4 – 8 July 2016


During the first week of the summer break, 20 talented and highly motivated students from different academic institutions joined this year’s PACT Summer School at the BOKU University (VIBT Imaging Center and Department of Biotechnology) and took advantage of the unique opportunity to become more familiar with “Advanced Microscopy Techniques” in particular STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) Microscopy, Raman Spectrometry and SOFI (Super-Resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging) as well as Deconvolution and Image Processing.


Excellent instructors led the participants through a busy week: they gave lectures, guided them through preparation of their own biological samples, which they then analyzed with the students throughout the week on the different microscopy systems. Students learned about the different fields of application of the respective systems and to choose the right techniques for the various questions. They also experienced the importance of selecting and developing the appropriate protocol for sample preparation (and of wearing warm clothes in the chilly surrounding where those highly sensitive instruments are operated).


But there was also enough time for extensive discussions and talks in between the sessions and also at the welcome cocktail, a wonderful evening at a Viennese Heurigen and the farewell party on Friday.


Here are a few examples of the many positive responses from our participants:


“It was well structured and organized. I could deepen my knowledge in advanced microscopy!”

“Very well organized, very nice people, very interesting”

“Very nice course on very novel techniques (STED, Raman especially)”

“Well organized and friendly atmosphere”

“Very good diverse group composition, generally very pleasant and productive atmosphere”

“Thank you!”