Thank you for your participation at our

Foundation Symposium of PACT

3rd and 4th April 2014 in Vienna, Austria


Dear Friends and Colleagues


It is only a relatively short time ago that we all met at the Foundation Symposium of PACT, Austria. We consider it to have been a huge success and this is entirely due to your support, participation and the contribution of your thoughts, presentations and discussions. Again we would like to thank our Sponsors, Speakers and the “ladies of the BOKU” for making this a truly exhilarating experience that we hope will be a memorable landmark in the use of “Advanced Cellular Therapies” for current and future generations of scientists and research practitioners in medicine and veterinary, as well as clinicians and their patients. We are convinced that this “The Cell: the Genesis of a Therapeutic Agent is no longer a question mark but the natural progression of the profound knowledge we are gaining through research into the secrets of its function and unfolding the intricacies of life itself by the search for cures and treatments to adverse conditions and diseases. We will continue enthusiastically with your help and support!


Please watch this space and indeed, you may even see a ‘snapshot’ of yourself and your participation in the battle against human and animal suffering. We uploaded some of the photos taken by our excellent amateur photographer Siegfried Huss and presented by our outstanding Graphic Designer, Mario Buda.


On behalf of the Members, Steering Group and Organising Committee, we thank you again for being with us,


Michael Comer

Chair: PACT