Institute Member

Department of Biomedical Sciences

University of Sassari

Viale San Pietro/43B

07100 Sassari



The Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Sassari is the structure underpinning the organization of research and education, established on the basis of scientific and educational project presented to the University. The Department carries out functions aimed at promoting out of scientific research, education and training activities, and health assistance; for this purpose it determines the policies of recruitment of teaching staff. In respect of the autonomy and freedom of the individual teacher, the Department organizes, manages and promotes the scientific research and teaching, autonomy, planning, evaluation, transparency. Within the Department of Biomedical Sciences the Researchers develops projects in the field of Cellular Biology and Biotechnology, Stem cells Research, Tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine within odontoiatric applications, Genetics and applied Microbiology.