We would like to thank you for participating in our

PACT Symposium 2016: Designer Cells Go Clinic

  1. We often measure the success of events in terms of “greater than expectations” and at PACT, in spite of the fact that our “expectations” are inevitably high, it is extremely pleasing to be positively surprised. From the Organisers part and due to the excellent support of our sponsors, the very high quality of the speakers and chairs but also the enthusiastic participation and discussions by the delegates, we believe that this has made the recent “Designer Cells Go Clinic” in our view a vast achievement. Furthermore success, not only in terms of the Symposium but also in terms of the results presented that has been derived from your research efforts.


  1. When one considers where “molecular and cellular” biotechnology was at the time of the Asilomar Conference in 1975 it is amazing that the efforts of scientific endeavour in medicine and biology have made a multi-billion dollar industry that treats enormous numbers of patients for the relief and cure of many human and animal diseases. Of course a very positive ‘side effect’ of this has been the considerable increase in our knowledge of genetics and the cell and the translation of this wisdom into advanced cellular therapies is expected to revolutionise our approach to healthcare. Indeed, if we dare to extrapolate into the future the just over forty years of the past, we can expect huge successes in the treatment of animal and human conditions, hopefully to the eradication of many genetic, cellular and also including the curing of other disorders caused by injury or even mal- or false- nutrition etc.


  1. We are proud to provide this your Platform for the exchange of ideas and results and we would like to encourage you to use it constantly and wisely. The Steering Group and Organising Committee wish you continuing success in your research and the will of governments to fund it appropriately, which can also be too often quite a daunting challenge!


  1. Finally, thank you again for helping to make this Symposium not only possible but also the success that you deserve.