Recap – PACT Summer School 2015

6 -10 July 2015


Our objective:

The aim of the PACT Summer School Initiative is to furnish a new generation of stem cell scientists with a holistic view needed to work successfully in emerging and diverging fields of various medical research areas and illustrate their potential applications in clinical scenarios. Therefore we had designed the program of this year’s summer school on “Advanced Cellular Therapies” with lectures in the morning and practical courses in the afternoon to provide background and tools for the experimental design of different cell based applications.


Speakers and topics:

Highly renowned scientists engaged, challenged and equipped the 17 selected participants with the latest knowledge and skills by giving ambitious lectures in the morning and introducing various cell biological, biochemical, analytical and even preparative methods in the lab in the afternoon.


Prof. Dr. Heike Walles and Dr. Freia Schmid

  • Lecture: Tissue Engineering
  • Lab: Skin models as an alternative to animal testing, reconstructed human epidermis was used for the assessment of skin corrosion

Prof. Dr. Dirk Strunk and Dr. Cornelia Schuh

  • Lecture: Multipotent stem cells: from bench to bedside
  • Lab: Colony-forming efficiency of MSCs and ECs

Prof. Dr. Florien Jenner and Iris Ribitsch

  • Lecture: Veterinary regenerative medicine – from animal models to animal patients
  • Lab: Equine bone marrow aspiration and preparation of MSCs for reimplantation

Prof. Dr. Regina Grillari and Dr. Markus Schosserer

  • Lecture: Generation of pluripotent stem cells and clinical applications
  • Lab: Immunocytochemistry and immunofluorescence staining of iPSCs for pluripotent stem cell markers

Prof. Dr. Michael B. Fischer

  • Lecture: Stem Cells and their Clinical Application
  • Insights into the clinic: Visiting the department of transfusion medicine and the transplant unit of the University Hospital (AKH), Vienna



Our participants were highly motivated, talented students and academics from diverse organizations, which made all discussions, the work in the lab and the talks in between a lively experience for everyone.



All students highly appreciated this year’s summer school and supported the continuation of the summer school next year.


Here are some of their remarks:

„Great talks!“

„I really liked the practical course!

„.. course material was clearly understandable, topics were very interesting and relevant…“

„.. an excellent opportunity for discussion and to make new contacts..“

“ .. the heterogeneity of participants enabled us also to learn from each other.“

„It was awesome!“

„I would be happy to join you again for the next summer school!“