The 1st Meeting of the Core Group “Tissue and Organ Replacement”

took place on September 23, 2014 at the General Hospital under the initiative of Prof. Dr. Michael B. Fischer and Prof. Dr. Jan Ankersmit with more than 20 scientists participating.


  • First, Dr. Fischer reported on the implementation of various cell therapy approaches at the Clinic of Blood Group Serology and Transfusion Medicine, including stem cell transplants, donor lymphocyte therapy, MSC therapy, and dendritic cell therapy in osteo- and chondrosarcoma (the DC-therapy in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Felzmann of St. Anna Kinderspital).


  • Next, DI Beatrix Mayer-Reinprecht gave a short introduction to PACT, presenting the Memorandum of Understanding and introduced the members of the Steering Group.


  • Dr. Jan Ankersmit gave an overview of his APOSEC – trial, a PBMC secretome-based biological for the regeneration of skin/heart/stroke and spinal cord tissue. He showed the production modality and his endeavor to the clinic.


For more information:[searchWord]=ankersmit


  • Eventually, Dr. Fischer called upon the participants to collaborate in a planned COMET 1 project, a call of the FFG with the deadline in March 2015 with the focus on Regenerative Medicine.


The first meeting focusing on a joined initiative on initiating a K-Centre (competence centres) took place on October 14, 2014.

The next joint project meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, at 15:00.
Place: AKH, Gefäßchirurgie Ebene 7C , Seminarraum